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Know the latest news, best practices, useful Excel templates or other lessons learned related to divesting or selling your Company and the M&A market in general.

The M&A world has a lot of abbreviations, all of which the advisors working in this field like to use. To not get overwhelmed by these terms or be confused what your investor or advisor is talking about on this page you will find the most common used abbreviations.

Best practices
There are some best practices in selling your business. Making sure you apply these best practices to have a more smooth, efficient and successful sales process.

Excel templates
The Excel templates on this page will help you in preparing your business for a sale. It includes the key documents required for a Financial due diligence (e.g., a financial fact book, EV to equity bridge, completion accounts Closing balance sheet and net working capital calculations). The Excel templates on this page are free to download and customize (none are password protected).

The impact of the Corona virus COVID-19 on M&A deals
The impact of the Corona virus (COVID-19) is large: in order to prevent excessive outbreak of contamination governments are closing borders of their countries, closing bars, restaurants, shops and in some cases quarantining people to their houses. Know the impact of these measures on the economy and M&A deals.