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What you need to know before selling your business

Are you thinking about selling your business? You are not alone: in 2019, the value of global Merger & Acquisition (M&A) deals amounted to 3.7 trillion US Dollars! With such huge sums of money involved the M&A world is often seem as complex and driven by expensive advisors and investment banks.  The goal of divestopia is to bring simplicity to this world and to make it understandable and accessible for every business owner who is planning to sell its Company.

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Divestopia will offer all the information you need to sell your Company! It will guide you through a sales process, explain how to maximize the sales value, provide practical tools and will explain in detail the mechanics of the purchase price so you understand how to best prepare your business for a divestment.  With all this information you are able to sell your own business, but it will also indicate where it might be better to hire an advisor and where to look for when hiring an advisor.

If you are looking to grow your business, require money to finance your working capital or to buy new equipment it could be a sale is not the best option for you and it is better to go for specific funding.  All these options, including their advantages and disadvantages, will be explained.

A utopia focuses on equality and information not being exclusive. The objective of divestopia is to open the world of M&A in order to level the playing field of small- and medium business owners who are planning to sell their business, without the need to directly hire expensive advisors.

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